Clean Hands® is suitable for all those who work with counter food. If you serve food to your clients without wearing a glove, you may contaminate the food with germs and bacteria present in your hands, especially as you touch other objects including money and utensils.


All of us, at least once a day, go the bakery and notice the same thing: the baker handles the money, the receipts as well as our bread. Clean Hands® solves this problem.

Hygienic gloves for bread and bakeries.

Pastry and Ice-Cream Shop

How gorgeous are all those sweets displayed in the pastry and ice-cream shop counters? They are so nice to see and good to eat, and with Clean Hands® they can be served in a hygienic way.

Hygienic gloves for pastry and ice-cream.

Fresh and Frozen food…

Fish shops selling fresh and frozen fish by weight, delicatessens serving hot food, fruit and vegetable shops and markets… everyone can use Clean Hands®.

Hygienic gloves for fresh and frozen food, including meat, fish and vegetables.