Clean Hands® is an easy and handy tool to handle food products. It allows you to work quickly, in compliance with all the food hygiene regulations, and it provides a valuable help to all the food business operators.

More than a simple glove

How many times have you seen a baker putting your bread inside a paper bag after having touched money? Clean Hands® solves this problem by ensuring the customers the proper hygiene.

So much comfort with a move

Unlike other gloves on the market, you can put the Clean Hands® glove on and off easily, quickly and without using the other hand; it does not cause any allergies or irritations and you can use it only when you handle the food; it does not release any substances into the food and it allows you to use fewer gloves thus reducing the cost and the amount of waste discharged into the environment.

Find the right glove for you

Clean Hands® comes in two different models, the ‘Mitten’ and the ‘Three-Finger Glove’. There is also a steel or Plexiglas BASE model that is suitable for wider sales counters and work tables, and a ‘MULTIUSE MODEL’, designed to be used in small spaces or shops where the operators move from one side of the counter to the other.

BASE Model

The BASE model is suitable for wider sales counters and work tables. Its ergonomic shape allows your hand to get in and out of the glove easily and quickly. It is equipped with the ‘Dual Lock’ fixing system which ensures stability on worktops, and a magnetic system that secures the glove and its wristband to the base. It comes in steel and Plexiglas.


The MULTIUSE model has been designed to allow clients to use the Clean Hands® system even in small spaces or in shops where the operators move from one side of the counter to the other.
The MULTIUSE model is small and handy and it is equipped with a fixing system that includes a clip which ensures stability even vertically (for instance on the shelf wall). You can also wear it and thanks to its U shape it adapts to the food coat belt or pockets.