Using Clean Hands® is really simple and fast. The Clean Hands® kit includes three pieces:

  1. a steel or Plexiglas magnetic base;
  2. a polypropylene magnetic wristband;
  3. an interchangeable glove.

These three pieces allow you to put your glove on and off easily with a simple move of your hand and without touching food with bare hands.

Unlike other gloves on the market (made of vinyl, latex or other plastics), you can put your Clean Hands® glove on and off easily and quickly without using the other hand; it does not cause allergies or irritations

(dermatitis, hyperhidrosis, etc.); you can use it only when you handle the food, so your hands will remain free to do anything else, such as handling the money; it does not release any substances on the food; it helps reduce the number of gloves used on a daily basis (max 2-3) as well as the cost and the amount of plastic waste released into the environment.

Replacement gloves come in two different models, the ‘Mitten’ and the ‘Three-Finger Glove’ and they are ambidextrous.