For some time now, food producers and sellers have been required to wear hats and food coats. But how many food operators actually wear them? Furthermore, according to the law, operators standing behind a shop counter cannot handle the money and must comply with the food hygiene regulations. But try to imagine the daily life scenes at the bakery where the saleswoman handles the money with the same hands with which she has just put your sandwiches and focaccia in a paper bag.


With the European directive H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), stricter and more stringent food hygiene regulations came into force. Some of these regulations require the employer or a delegate to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and to wear appropriate clothing, gloves, food coats and hats when they handle or hand the food to the clients.

CLEAN HANDS simplifies your life: the Clean Hands® kit is the easiest and most practical tool to handle food products as it allows you to work quickly and in full compliance with all the current regulations. It provides a valuable help to all the food business operators.

The Clean Hands® system has been presented in major international food fairs, always gaining appreciation and receiving praise from the food business operators.

We participated in:

IBA – Germany
SIAB – Italy
PABO.GEL – Italy
ANUGA – Germany
SIGEP – Italy

In 2010 the Clean Hands® system won the UK Lunch Show Award

Clean Hands® is a Registered Trademark and a Patented Product.

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