Clean Hands® is suitable for all those who work daily in contact with over-the-counter foods, and who, by serving customers without using a special glove, could contaminate the same foods with germs and bacteria present in the hands, especially when it comes into contact with others today such as money or tools.

Bakeries and Bakery

All of us at least once a day enter a bakery, and we all notice the same thing: the baker touches the money, touches the receipts and also touches our bread. Clean Hands® solves the problem.

Hygienic gloves for bread and bakeries.

Pastry Shops and Ice Cream Parlors

How good are all those desserts displayed in those beautiful pastry and ice-cream counters? Beautiful to look at, certainly good to eat and with Clean Hands® also served as good hygiene commands.

Hygienic gloves for pastry shops and ice cream parlors.

Fresh, Frozen and …

The fishmongers, which sell fresh and frozen fish by weight. The delicatessens where hot food is sold. Fruit and vegetable shops … As you can see everyone can use Clean Hands®.

Hygienic gloves for fresh and frozen products such as meat, fish, vegetables.