Step 1. Secure the Base

The first step in using the Clean Hands® system is to fix the magnetic glove holder base, as shown in Figure 1, at a suitable location by tearing it under the device. This will allow you to detach and fix the glove box device when necessary. Ideally, the base should be fixed to a surface that is flat, clean, dry and functional (eg near a cash register, or any other place where you need its use more frequently). Other bases can be added in relation to the number of operators at the sales counter.

Step 2. Place the bracelet

Insert the bracelet in the glove as shown in figure 2. The bracelet is ambidextrous: by turning the glove in the cuff you will get the right or left side. If you want to shorten the glove according to the size of your hand, advance the bracelet to the size of your hand. For proper hygiene, make sure the glove is replaced after half a day or at most a working day.

Step 3. Using Clean Hands®

Place the glove supplied with the bracelet on the magnetic base and proceed to use the device as shown in the image above.

BASE Model