Using Clean Hands® is really simple and fast. Clean Hands® is sold in a kit consisting of three components:

  1. Magnetic base in Plexiglas or Steel
  2. Magnetic Bracelet in Polypropylene
  3. N. 1 Interchangeable glove.

Through these three components the kit allows the insertion and removal of the glove with a simple movement of the hand avoiding the contact of bare hands with foodstuffs.

The glove used with the Clean Hands® device, unlike other gloves on the market (vinyl, latex or other plastic material):

  • it can be inserted and removed easily and quickly without using the other hand
  • does not cause irritation or allergies (dermatitis, over-sweating)
  • it is used only for the time necessary to handle the food product, so the hand remains free to perform other operations such as taking the money
  • it does not release substances on food determines a decrease in the number of gloves used daily (max 2-3) with a consequent decrease in costs and plastic waste released into the environment.

The application of replacement gloves is available in the “Manopola” and “Tredita” versions. The glove is ambidextrous.