For some time there has been an obligation to wear headgear and shirts for those who produce or sell food. But how many traders actually use them? The law also provides that those at the counter will not handle the money and use a hygienically correct behavior. But try to imagine the ordinary everyday scenes in the bakery, where the saleswoman takes the money with the same hands with which she has just put sandwiches and focaccia in the bag.


With the European directive H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) stricter and more stringent hygiene regulations in the food industry came into force. Among these hygiene rules some require the employer or his delegate to maintain a high standard of personal cleanliness and to wear adequate clothing, gloves, earmuffs, even during the handling phase, including the administration to the consumer.

CLEAN HANDS simplifies your life: the Clean Hands® kit is the simplest and most practical way to handle food products because it allows you to work quickly, respecting all current regulations, a fundamental help for all operators in the sector

The Clean Hands® system has been demonstrated in the major international food fairs, always receiving appreciation and recognition from industry operators. We were present at:

IBA – Germany
SIAB – Italy
PABO.GEL – Italy
ANUGA – Germany
SIGEP – Italy

In 2010 the Clean Hands® system won the UK Lunch show award

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