How it Works

Using Clean Hands® is very easy and fast. Here you are, these are some simple slides that show you how to use Clean Hands® in several small steps whenever you want, without wasting much time and respecting all the regulations.

1. You wear it

Clean Hands® is on the base. You just wear it and take it off from the magnetic (base model) or from the strip (multiuse model) all using just one hand.

2. You use it

Once you take it off from its base, use Clean Hands® to grab the aliments and serve your clients with maximum attention to hygiene.

3. You put it down

After using Clean Hands® you can put it down on its base. The magnetic (BASE model) or the strip (MULTIUSE model) will help you do this.

4. You take it out

At this point you can take your hand out from your Clean Hands®. You will have followed all the regulations and your client will be more satisfied.

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